Come On Baby

Come On Baby HD Wallpaper
Racing Star: Come on Baby is a baby-themed, cartoony kart racing MMO game by Alaplaya. The game’s core gameplay is similar to the other kart racing, cartoony MMOs out there. Unlike traditional racing MMOs, Come on Baby is more of a comedic, casual racing game rather than a more serious one. Heck, the game has an unusual baby theme to it, so it’s certainly not a ‘serious’ racing game. Like all other cartoony racing MMOs, Come on Baby certainly drew a lot of its inspiration from Nintendo’s Mario Kart, as the gameplay is virtually the same. The game’s biggest drawback is the fact that it has an extremely small playerbase. If you can look past that and the game’s weird baby theme, Come on Baby is actually a solid racing MMO.
  • Date: Jul 28, 2012
  • Size: 1280x1024
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